Casely Phone Case Subscription Box + 50% Off Coupon

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Casely is a monthly subscription for phone cases. Every month you will receive a brand new phone case with a unique style handpicked for you based on your personal style preference.

When you sign up for this subscription, you can pick from “Classic,” or “Bold and Adventurous.” If you select “Up for Anything,” you may receive a phone from either one of the categories each month.

The Classic Cases are for the laid-back and polished girls. These styles are designed with simple patterns and more neutral colors. They don’t have any boring or bland styles. Classic styles are just a bit more refined.

The Bold and Adventurous Cases are for the girls that love to standout in a crowd. These styles are designed with bright colors and funky patterns that are sure to turn heads.

Up For Anything! Mix it up with both Classic and Bold and Adventurous Cases. This is the perfect option for the girls that likes to experiment with their looks.

I chose Up For Anything and I received a Classic black marble phone case.

Casely cases are engineered with polycarbonate. The design is embedded in the polycarbonate, so it is safe from scratches, too. The case edges are slightly raised around the phone edges to better protect it.

I think this is a great subscription! I love the black marble design this month and I’d be happy to get another pretty design each month and for the quality of the cases, I think the $15 price is pretty fair!

Go check out Casely here and use coupon code LOVEDAY50 to receive 50% off your first Casely!


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