Salem’s Curse by Sydney Bristow


Book Description

There’s no instruction guide to saving the world, so…apologies in advance if I make a mess of it!

An ancient mage plans to unleash an army of vamps, demons, werewolves, and shifters onto an unsuspecting Chicago, and I’m the last protector of humanity, a witch who goes into panic-attack mode just talking with a stranger.

My name is Celestina Sykes, and I have two potential allies, my aunt, who may have murdered my mom, and a guy I sorta have a thing for, only he may be working for the other side. All told, I’ve got two days to stop the apocalypse, so wish me luck…and multiply that by infinity because I’m gonna need it.

My Thoughts

The main character, Celestina, did not have a very good and happy up-bringing and it was a little messed up which made the book more unique than other books out there. I really liked how Celestina overcame so many different obstacles and became the person that she did. The other characters were also very intriguing and fascinating. I really enjoyed the plot and I can’t wait to read the next book!

Get your copy of Salem’s Curse by Sydney Bristow here!

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