Be Natural Organics Detox Mud Mask


I recently tried out the Be Natural Organics Anti-Aging Trial Collection (read that post here) and loved it so I decided to try out the Detox Mud Mask! I am a huge fan of face masks so I was really excited to receive a sample of this one.

The Detox Mud Mask is definitely a must-have product for acne-prone skin and those with large pores! This mask really exfoliates the skin, stimulates circulation, and helps to remove stubborn debris deep within pores that daily cleansing cannot reach. Made with pure, filtered mud from the Dead Sea, it destroys acne-causing bacteria and contains a high concentration of beneficial minerals for the skin (including calcium, magnesium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron). My skin is oily and I love this mask’s ability to absorb excess debris, tighten pores, remove blackheads and leave a matte finish. I love how you can use this product as a full face mask or as an overnight spot treatment.

Go check out this Detox Mud Mask here!

xoxo, M

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