Julep Made for Summer Mystery Box Offer – $100+ value only $24.99


This month, Julep couldn’t decide what to put into just one mystery box…so they created three. Julep dares you to try and pick just one.

The Pastel Mystery Box: Want to know what’s in this box? Here’s a hint: six of Julep’s favorites in beauty and nail in sunwashed, summer-ready hues. $100+ value for just $24.99.

The Bold Mystery Box: For all of you who live by the mantra “the bolder, the better,” this mystery box goes out to you. You’ll love the super-saturated shades that’ll make you stand out all day, every day. $100+ value for just $24.99.

The Neutrals Mystery Box: When it comes to neutral shades, Julep knows you have strong feelings about them. (Translation: you love them.) That’s why Julep packed this mystery box full of their favorite natural hues—just for you. $100+ value for just $24.99.

Get your Made for Summer Mystery Box here!

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