Dr. Dana Lips and Tips


I discovered Dr. Dana after searching for new products to try out! I recently posted about Dr. Dana Nail Polish and you can check out that post here.

Today’s post is all about Dr. Dana Lips and Tips!

Because we always remember to gloss our lips, but never remember to care for our tips, there’s Lips and Tips, a first-ever, double-ended lip gloss and cuticle treatment for easy, everyday, on-the-go application.

A next generation lip gloss in two dialed-down shades, Nude Kava and Pink Poppy. Your lips will thank you for this reparative Hyaluronic Acid infused formula that deeply moisturizes and protects leaving lips with a subtle hint of the perfect amount of glossy color. Lips are an extremely absorptive tissue and creating a best-in-class formula was a top priority for Dr. Dana.

Cuticles are the nail’s natural protective seal. Keeping them hydrated with the right combination of ingredients is essential for overall nail-health. The best-selling Deep Hydrating Formula is a botanical-based joil (gel-oil hybrid) that instantly revitalizes and fortifies dry nails and cuticles with lasting hydration.

Go check out other Dr. Dana products here!


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