Postmark’d Studio PostBox Review July 2017


PostBox is a NEW stationery subscription box by Postmark’d Studio. Each PostBox subscription comes with a monthly, limited-edition delivery of handcrafted artisan greeting cards and postcards created by artists around the globe. Each month, your PostBox card box is filled with four greeting cards, one postcard, postage, and a fun artsy doodad such as a pen, pencil, or knickknacks gadget based on a theme. The value of the products in your subscription box will always be what you pay for each month, sometimes more. There may be a surprise bonus gift some months, so you don’t want to miss a box!

I love stationery! I’m the type of person that has to avoid stationery stores because if I go in all my money will disappear. I still send out snail mail and Christmas cards.  I feel like stationery is making a come back!

This is the very first PostBox, and this month’s theme is Whales!

The first card I received in the box is called Having a Whale of a Time. Noteworthy Paper and Press, located in Missoula, Montana, is the creative genius of Taylor Valliant and Amy Dolan. These cowgirls are passionate about paper, letterpress printing and the belief that everyone needs splendid stationery.  I love that it’s a large fun shape instead of a boring rectangle!

The second card is called Whale Hello! August and Oak, located in Charlotte, NC love all things colorful and it is reflected in all of their creations. This husband and wife team, Haley and Adam use their original illustrations and turn them into delightful greeting cards and other brilliant paper products. I love a good pun! The drawing on this card by August and Oak is so adorable! The pink, blue, and green colors are harmonious and I could see this being used for a new baby card.

The third card is called Herman the Whale. Reyn Paper Company, located in Atlanta, Georgia has made it their mission to create unforgettable greeting cards and paper gifts based on their unwavering love of paper. This card is fancy with it’s die cut window and gold foil Happy Birthday greeting on the inside! The dark navy and red colors are fun, yet esteemed, for the serious person in your life who needs a little smile.

The fourth card is called Whale, Whale, Whale What Do We Have Here? Kelly Shields is a letterpress artist and educator from Cincinnati, OH. Kelly loves that letterpress printing combines computer designs with the old-fashioned printing process to create artful paper goods.  Kelly is not the only artist in the family, as this punny little card was designed by Kelly’s daughter. Mother daughter team?! Now I love this card even more! I can see using this as a simple hello, or to congratulate a loved one on a whale of an accomplishment.

The last card is called Whale, Congrats! Man vs. George Design is located in Milwaukee, WI. The designs are a wash of color and vivid graphics which create a perfect harmony of image and text with all of the items they create. I love the art on this! It’s perfect for weddings and grads.

I’m really impressed with this box! For their first one, it really is top-notch. There is a solid theme, high quality items, fun bonus details and it is packaged beautifully. I love the highlighting of smaller artisans and businesses as well as the inclusion of their own postcard to the mix. I am starting to see more and more stationery boxes come out and I’m a huge fan of this! What really sends this box over the top is the inclusion of stamps for your cards. I’m simply in love with Postmark’d! I really hope to see another box from them in the near future. Go check out Postmark’d here!


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