Amazon Prime Pantry Review


Amazon Prime members can shop for groceries and household products in everyday package sizes (for example, a single box of cereal) with Prime Pantry. Prime Pantry allows Amazon to expand its selection and offer thousands of items to Prime Members that are cost prohibitive to ship for free individually.

Prime Pantry provides vast selection, exclusive savings, and convenience. You can purchase groceries and household items in everyday sizes, as opposed to bulk sizes, online or using the mobile apps, and have these items delivered to your doorstep, saving you a trip to the store and giving you some time back in your busy life. Prime Pantry also provides great value with Weekly Deals and Coupons.

Pantry items ship for free by selecting just five qualifying Prime Pantry items out of a selection of thousands. If you have not selected five qualifying items per pantry box, there is a flat $5.99 delivery fee per box.

Prime Pantry boxes vary in size and can hold up to 45 pounds. Your order will be packaged in the appropriate-sized box, based on the dimensions and weight of the items. Prime Pantry items are packaged using dividers to separate heavier items from ones that are fragile, such as many food items.

Below are all the items I picked out for this box and I will definitely be writing more posts about my other Prime Pantry boxes that come in!

The first item in the box is Kleenex Everyday Facial Tissues. With the perfect balance of softness and strength, Kleenex facial tissues are durable with 2-ply thickness and are absorbent to lock in moisture. Kleenex facial tissues are perfect for makeup smudges, sniffles and sneezes, children’s messy faces and more. Just use and toss. Kleenex boxes come in a variety of colors and designs that blend beautifully into your home décor. Place boxes in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and office.

The second item is VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels. With a soft, smooth texture and cloth-like durability, VIVA Paper Towels help you tackle any job, wet or dry. Polish china, clean dirt off patio décor or wipe away splatters in the microwave. VIVA Paper Towels are tough on messes, but soft on skin and delicate surfaces. The absorbent paper towel sheets are perfect for kitchen and bathroom cleanups. With more sheets vs. the leading national brand, the Choose-A-Sheet Big Rolls have 88 individually perforated sheets per paper towel roll. These paper towels let you select a size for any mess.

The third item is Kleenex Facial Tissues with Lotion. Delivering strength and indulgent softness, Kleenex facial tissues with lotion feature moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E for delicate skin and 2-ply thickness for durability. Kleenex boxes come in a variety of colors and designs that blend beautifully into your home décor. Place boxes in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and office.

The fourth item is Cottonelle Clean Care Big Roll Toilet Paper. Cottonelle clean care toilet paper is uniquely designed with absorbent soft ripples and a touch of soft cotton. Be kind to your behind with cottonelle clean care toilet paper and get wrapped up in tuggable, huggable softness.

The fifth item is Maxwell House Original Blend Ground Coffee. A good day starts with a good cup of coffee. That’s why Maxwell House customs roast every batch for the perfect balance of strength and flavor.

The sixth item is Method Naturally Derived Eucalyptus Mint Bathroom Cleaner Spray for Tub + Tile. This bottle is stylish enough to leave out on the counter. This cleaner quickly abolishes soap scum and other bathroom stains while infusing the room with its crisp, spa clean scent. For use on showers, tubs, sinks and fixtures. Works great without those overpowering chemical vapors.

The seventh item is Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks Facial Tissues. Puffs Plus Lotion with the Scent of Vicks is the most soothing facial tissue with lotion, but also with the comforting scent of Vicks in a cube box. Puffs Plus Lotion is the perfect tissue for when sore or runny noses need some extra softness. Puffs Plus Lotion facial tissues lock in moisture better to help soothe irritated skin commonly caused from rough or thin tissues. That little dab of lotion goes a long way to calm the most sensitive skin through any cold, flu, or allergy. The scent of Vicks provides comfort to every achoo.

The last item is Diet Coke Fridge Pack Cans. Diet Coke is the most popular calorie-free soft drink in America. It’s the original sparkling beverage for those who want great flavor without the calories.

I am in love with Prime Pantry and I plan on using it more often! I love how I can easily pick the items that I want and have them delivered straight to my door. I am not a big fan of grocery stores so having it delivered straight to my door was one reason why I decided to try out Prime Pantry. I also really love how there are weekly deals and coupons that you can use. I highly recommend becoming a Prime member trying out Prime Pantry. Become a Prime member here and check out Prime Pantry here!


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