SoapBox Soaps Review


I recently discovered SoapBox after they emailed me asking if I would be interested in participating in their latest campaign! SoapBox is a one-for-one personal care company that sells shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap and liquid hand soap. SoapBox products are vegan, cruelty free, and made with thoughtfully selected ingredients. For every product sold, they will donate a bar of soap to someone in need either here in the US or abroad.

The first product I tried out was Vanilla and Lily Blossom Liquid Hand Soap. Abundant in B-vitamins, vanilla will leave your skin feeling nourished while the soothing aroma of the soft lily blossom calms your body and mind. This shea butter and aloe vera blended hand soap will not only leave your skin clean, but also moisturized. The thick lather will buff away dirt while still gentle enough to lock-in moisture.

The second product I tried out was Sea Minerals and Blue Iris Body Wash. Soothe and replenish your skin when you lather up with sea minerals and blue iris body wash. The fresh aquatic and delicately floral scent not only gently cleanses, but also moisturizes with every wash; sealing in hydration with the shea and aloe blend. Sea minerals, known as a natural detoxifier, will leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.

The third product I tried out was Citrus and Peach Rose Bar Soap. Packed with olive oil and shea butter, this bar of soap will revive your skin unlike any bar you’ve used before. The dual hydration will leave your skin feeling hydrated and silky. This bar will not only prevent you from feeling stripped of moisture, but will also leave an invigorating exotic scent on your skin. The crisp citrus notes are balanced with the clean and floral smell of peach rose to create an aroma that is soft, yet refreshing.

The fourth product I tried out was Bamboo Shampoo. Build strength and body with this bamboo shampoo. With real bamboo extract, this shampoo promotes healthy looking and feeling hair. Bamboo is rich in silica which will strengthen your hair. Bamboo’s ability to retain moisture very well will also promote elasticity of your strands and help bring bounce back into your locks.

The last product that I tried out was Bamboo Conditioner. Bamboo extract will help bring strength and body back to your hair. Packed with silica, bamboo will boost the strength of your hair with routine washing. Bamboo extract is also highly acclaimed for its moisture retention ability. Locking-in moisture will help increase your hair’s elasticity and encourage body back in your locks.

For a limited time, my followers will receive 10% off and SoapBox will double the donation for each purchase you make. That’s 2 bars of soap provided to people in need for every 1 product bought! Something as simple as a bar of soap is truly life changing to children and adults who do not have access to this basic hygiene product.
Here’s the promo code for you to receive 10% off and the double donation credit: stylishbrunetteSbS3M. This code expires Friday, 10/13/2017.

I love the quality and ingredients of SoapBox products and I love their mission of helping others. Each product comes with a Hope Code printed on it. Enter it on and you can see exactly where your purchase is making an impact.

Thank you SoapBox Soaps for sponsoring today’s post!

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