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Hello everyone and welcome back to Stylish Brunette! I was recently tagged in the Behind The Blogger Tag by fellow blogger, Ashley. I love her blog! Go check out her blog here and her Behind The Blogger Tag post here.

The Questions I Was Asked

1 – Why did you start your blog?

I decided to start my blog because I wanted to share my thoughts and tips on a variety of different topics with others.

2 – If money was not an issue and you could go anywhere in the world, where would you
go; why? What would you go there to see/visit?

I have never been to London and I would love to go there someday! I love looking at pictures of London but actually going there would be a dream come true. London is so pretty! I would love to see Big Ben, go shopping on Oxford Street, and admire the beautiful architecture.

3 – Coffee or Tea?

I drink both but tea is my favorite! I started drinking tea when I decided it was time to fix my coffee habit. I used to drink soooo much coffee. I still drink coffee but not as much as I used to. Some teas have a little bit of caffeine to help carry me through the day. Another reason why I like tea is because of the amazing benefits. There are so many different teas to try and it is fun to try new ones. I also enjoy the process of making the tea and relaxing with a cup of tea and a book.

4 – What is the best book you have ever read and why?

I read so many books so this question is very hard. One of my favorite books is Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight is such a great love story. I couldn’t help but get caught up in all of the romance. #TeamEdward

5 – What is your #1 beauty tip?

My #1 beauty tip is the healthier you are, the healthier your hair! Take a daily multi-vitamin with Biotin to help your hair grow faster.

6 – Where are you from? What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown? What do
you recommend doing or going to see for someone who has never been?

I am from Tennessee. I love to go to Dollywood because I am a huge fan of roller coasters. If you are visiting Tennessee, I highly recommend going to Dollywood and Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

7 – Heels or flats?

I normally choose flats because I do a lot of walking throughout the week. If I am going out somewhere fancy, I love to wear heels.

8 – Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My mother is my inspiration. We are obsessed with all things fashion and beauty!

9 – Favorite: Holiday, Color, Perfume, TV Show, Movie?

Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Perfume: Bamboo by Franck Olivier
Favorite TV Show: Teen Wolf
Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

10 – What is your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite social media platform is definitely Instagram because I love looking at beautiful photos!

I Tag..


Absolutely Olivia

The Curly Anomaly

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If you’re not tagged, but have a blog and would like to do this, feel free! Be sure to mention me so I can check it out. Answer my questions below, then tag 3 to 5 other bloggers and ask them your own questions!

My Questions For You

1 – Coffee or Tea?

2 – What is your favorite genre of music?

3 – Favorite TV Show?

4 – What is the last book you read?

5 – What was the first concert you ever attended?

6 – What is the first app you check when you wake up in the morning?

7 – What is your favorite quote?

8 – What is the one item you can’t leave home without?

9 – Do you have any pets?

10 – What is your dream vacation?


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