Inkbox Two Week Tattoo Review


Getting a tattoo is the ultimate commitment. Once you’re inked, it’s there to stay. What happens if you end up hating it or your favorite animal or flower changes in a year? That is why I wanted to try out Inkbox!

Inkbox is an online store that gives you tons of tattoo options that range in price that promise to last at the very least 1 week but can last up to anywhere from 2-3 weeks. There are so many designs such as cats, constellations, flowers, words, and geometric shapes just to name a few.


I bought the tattoo called Quixotic!

The kit came in the mail a few days after I ordered it. The shipping was very quick! I watched videos from their website while I waited for my tattoo to come in on how to apply it. The videos were very informative and I recommend checking them out before you apply your tattoo.

The kit came with a set of instructions, a plastic glove, a cloth, an alcohol wipe and the tattoo. The instructions were really clear and easy to follow.

After applying, the tattoo started off really pale and then gradually darkened as time went on. It was so fun watching the tattoo slowly appear in the hours after applying it! When the 36 hours was up, the tattoo looked super realistic and I loved it!

My tattoo lasted about 2 weeks and I am definitely going to be buying more tattoos! I’m already looking at the catalog for another one. They are a little pricey but for good reason. They are great quality and long-lasting!

Go check out Inkbox here and receive $5 off your first order!


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